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brooke, thank you for stepping in and helping out with the news. >> happy thanksgiving. >> likewise. cnn "newsroom" with carol costello begins right now. good morning, carol. good morning. thank you so much for being with us. i'm carol costello. new flashpoint in the isra israel/gaza conflict threatens to implode today's peace talks. a bomb rips apart a bus in tel aviv, israel's second largest city. 22 people injured and tensions rise again across the region. hamas praises the attack. it's not claiming responsibility. in gaza, streets are empty as civilians brace for the israeli response. so far, secretary of state hillary clinton, the challenge of brokering a cease fire, it grows even more daunting this morning. more on those diplomatic efforts in a minute. first the latest details on that bus attack. sara sidner is on the phone from tel aviv. what's the latest, sara?
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>> reporter: where the victims of this bus attack are. we know that now 22 people have been injured. some of those were inside the bus, some of the people were outside of the bus. there are two very serious injuries, both of them teenagers according to hospital officials here and they are doing surgery as we speak. what we dough do know is that so far doctors are saying that all the victims are expected to survive and the blast basically blew out all the windows in the bus about you dbut did not comp destroy the bus. certainly a terrible, terrible scare to the people here. and a lot of fear this is the beginning of something worse to come. you just talked about, in fact, hamas has praised this particular blast but has not taken responsibility. police basically are saying they have not been able to get a suspect yet. they are sending out all of
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their equipment and people to try to find out who is responsible for this. and, as we said, they do not for sure think this was somebody who blew themselves up on the bus but instead a device was placed on the bus and that is what exploded, carol. >> as far as the injuries, sara, how many people suffered serious injuries? are any life threatening? >> reporter: no, there are no life-threatening injuries. but there are two serious injuries. someone has gone in, for example, to shoulder surgery. i'm not sure what the extent of the other injuries are. we know there are three serious injuries according to the police and the hospital officials where we are right now. we're in the hospital watching the emergency workers do their jobs. >> sara sidner from tel aviv, israel, this morning. secretary -- the white house and secretary clinton are condemning that bus attack saying these attacks against innocent israeli citizens are
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outrageous, but there seems to be no end in sight to this conflict. the ambassador to the united states, michael oren. >> good morning, carol. good to be with you. >> is this one different? >> it's all part of the same hamas and terrorist plan to kill the maximum number of israeli civili civilians. that's what this conflict is about. there was no fighting. iz r israeli civilians were hit by 600 rockets over the course of one month and israel felt it had no choice but to defend itself. on one hand we're doing our best, taking super human efforts to minimize palestinian civilian casualties. it's difficult. we're fighting terrorists who are deeply embedded in the civilian population, using them as human shields. if we hurt a palestinian civilian we look at it as a failure. if they wound or kill an israeli citizen, they celebrate. right now supporters of hamas
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are giving out candy to kids in the street, celebrating that bus bombing in tel aviv. >> do all the people in the gaza strip react in that way? >> i don't know. we don't have polls about opinion in gaza. hamas is the de facto government in the gaza strip. we are trying to aim at hamas, trying to get at the terrorists without hurting civilians. it's not easy. hamas not only has a military strategy of trying to kill israeli civilians but a media strategy. they want to put their terrorists behind their civil yasians so if their civilians get hurt they can make a big splash on the news about it. it's not just a military strategy, it's a media strategy. we will take whatever means are necessary and legitimate to defend our citizens, carol. >> the iron dome, israel's missile defense system is working phenomenally. many of its rockets, because of this iron dome, are not hitting
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their targets. could we see more attacks on the streets by terrorists, like in this bus attack? >> that's true, iron dome is an amazing success story, first anti-rocket device in history to actually work in warfare. we've taken down about 90% of the terrorist rockets that would have hit in our cities. they're going to hit outside the cities. and, yes, the terrorists will try anything to get at our civili civilians. we've seen it before. many, many bus bombings like this. we've all lost friends. i've lost a close family member in those bus bombings. they're very, very close for us. >> do activievents like this complicate secretary hillary clinton's efforts? >> they certainly don't help. where terrorists in gaza cannot open fire on us every week and paralyze half the country when they will. also the goal is to prevent iran
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from smuggling advanced weaponry and rockets into gaza that the terrorists then fire at our civilian. >> israeli ambassador to the united states, michael oren, thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. more on secretary of state hillary clinton's trip to the middle east today. she met with israel leader benjamin netanyahu and earlier she met with palestinian president mahmoud abbas and she is set to sit down with egyptian president mohamed morsi. no claim of responsibility on that bus explosion yet but word is that hamas has blessed the attacks. we go to ben wedeman for more on that. >> reporter: what we heard from a nearby mosque is an
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announcement saying that, quote, unquote, lions from the west bank had carried out that attack in tel aviv. there was also the suggestion in that announcement from the mosque that hamas was somehow responsible for that attack. however, the television affiliated with the hamas movement said yes, they did bless that attack but said it was a, quote, unquote, natural reaction to israel's offensive against the gaza strip. so, there has been no claim of responsibility by hamas or by anybody else at this point regarding that attack. now there was some scattered celebratory gunfire in gaza after news of the attack in tel aviv. i'm not aware of anybody handing out candy. it's important to stress that not everybody supports hamas in the gaza strip. and there are many people who are unhappy with the situation, unhappy with hamas' firing rockets into israel. but very unhappy about israel's
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response. and it's important to keep in mind that this is a conflict that goes back many years. there's a lot to it. much more to it than the events of the last eight days. so there's a feeling here that the attack is not going to help gaza at all. there's a profound worry -- we've seen it played out on the streets, which are pretty empty at the moment, that israel could respond drastically with, for instance, a ground invasion into gaza in the wake of this attack in tel aviv. carol? >> ben wedeman, reporting live for us this morning. people in israel are living in fear that a rocket could strike at any moment, hit its target while they're eating their breakfast or walking their dogs. [ bleep ]. >> in about ten minutes, we'll talk to the woman who took this
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temporary security chief in benghazi has been assassinated. that's according to the libyan state news agency which says unknown gunman killed and shot colonel al derzi. chaos erups at a newark, new jersey, council meeting. this is crazy. dozens of people rushed the stage. they were angry when mayor cory booker cast the deciding vote to fill a vacant council seat with one of his long-term allies. one man was arrested on assault and other charges. two people are being questioned by police following
6:13 am
an explosion in indianapolis earlier this month. the blast killed two people and destroyed dozens of homes. the case is now being investigated as a criminal homicide. joining us live now from indianapolis, thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> you brought in two people for questioning. what's their status? >> as we said on monday we have had interviews and execution of search warrants since day one. and there were additional interviews yesterday and additional search warrants served. >> you're just questioning people that might be involved in the case but no suspects at this time? >> not that we can speak to at this time. that's correct. >> do you have a theory in exactly how this crime went down? >> well, other than the fact
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that clearly, as we indicated on monday, an accidental cause of the explosion has been ruled out and at this point we obviously believe it's an intentional act. beyond that, we really can't speak to what we believe caused the explosion. >> how do you something like that? i have read many different reports, you opened up a gas pipe outside or inside the home and then maybe someone ignites it using some sort of device outside the home. is that what you think? >> well, at this point, i can't be specific about what we think caused the explosion. clearly our investigators are nearing the cause but it would be inappropriate to talk about that publicly at this time. >> do you think the one house was targeted and the other homes were accidental collateral damage, if you will? >> what we can say is you're exactly right. clearly the explosion was centered in the one residents and all the additional homes were damaged in the explosion.
6:15 am
>> the house that was targeted was empty at the time. any theories as to a motive? >> we certainly have theories at this point in time. aga again, we can't speak to that publicly. >> why might someone do this? >> i'm not going to speculate at this time as to why someone would do that. clearly there's any number of reasons. as part of the investigation, we don't want to disclose too much detail because as individuals come forward we want to know that we're hearing based upon their personal knowledge not what they heard in the press. >> the family that owns the house, they weren't home at the time. are they suspects? >> i can't speak to who might be a suspect at this time. >> but you're still questioning them? >> interviews have been conducted by a number of people, including the individuals that were residing in that home.
6:16 am
that's correct. >> have you ever dealt with a case like this before? >> not of this magnitude, in the sense that obviously we have a much more significant crime scene that needs to be processed and that is still an ongoing process. it's a painstaking process. and we're clearly not going to do anything too hasty. >> i was just going to say, it must be challenging just to find the evidence. how did you figure out that it wasn't accidental in the first place? >> the combination of our arson investigators, representatives of citizens gas and federal, alcohol, tobacco investigators, we're all knowledgeable in this area, and ruled out any accidental cause for this explosion. >> terry curry, the process court for the county in indiana, thank you. we appreciate it. >> thank you. you're not safe even when you walk your dog in israel.
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a frightening moment for this woman walking her dog in israel when she heard the warning that a rocket was headed for her neighborhood. she shot this video as she took cover. [ bleep ] . >> you can hear those explosions in the distance, right? she is a teacher in israel, lives about a mile from the gaza border. even though classes are canceled and the children have been evacuated, she has chosen to stay home to take care of her dogs. she joins us now via skype. good morning. >> good morning. >> i guess it's afternoon there. so good afternoon. before we get to your personal story, i'm sure you've heard by
6:21 am
now about the bus attack in tel aviv. i just wanted to get your thoughts on that. >> not very surprised. it was -- you know, they were threatening that that was going to happen. they were promising that that was going to happen. and it finally d i actually know exactly where it happened also because it's right on the corner of where i did my medical training. >> do you fear that those kinds of attacks are going to happen in your neighborhood, too? >> like buses blowing up? >> or something like that. >> no, no, no. no, that wouldn't happen here. we just get the rockets and mortars. that's enough. thank you. >> i think that's probably true. tell us about how you stay safe. >> how i stay safe. i have a safe room. and any time there's an alarm, i run to the safe room. it is within my house. we have only about ten seconds to get there.
6:22 am
so at this period of time, i'm actually sleeping there. it's not my bedroom. it's my guest room. but i'm sleeping there for now. and, i mean, as you can see from the video, the footage that i shot, that was just -- i just had the camera running when i was walking the dogs and i had this feeling -- i don't know, this instinct that caused me to walk right next to a building so that i knew if something was going to fall i would be able to take cover. what you don't see in the footage is how i ran up to the building and i tried to open the door. but that's a children's house and there were no children here now so it was locked. and i couldn't get in. so it's pretty scary. it's scary walking around. i was giving an interview to a report in cypress this
6:23 am
afternoon -- this morning. as i was walking, there was that alarm. and during the interview, as i was doing the interview, i was running to scrunch up next to the wall. >> so some people might think, why are you staying there? why haven't you evacuated? >> this is my home. i live here. >> we want you to stay safe, though. you have to carry your cell phone at all times. tell us why. >> well, the cell phone is a tool. and through the cell phone, we get announcements about either -- that we have 15 seconds, that we should be 15 seconds from within a safe room or, as we got a few hours ago, that -- stop everything. go into your safe rooms immediately. so i would be doing this in my safe room where i don't really
6:24 am
have very good internet connection. half an hour ago, they released us. you know, our phones are our lifelines now. >> wow! you're not the only one who has chosen to stay, because other people feel as you do. this is my home. why should i be driven out. you had a great story about being in a yoga class. did the air raid sirens go off? >> no. we got a text message on the phone. usually when i do yoga, my phone is off to the side and turned off. but this day, i happened to be waiting for my son, who was in the army. and i thought i might have to go get him. it was on the mat next to me. all of a sudden i saw a message that everybody in the area is supposed to be going to their safe rooms. and so i brought it over to my teacher, my yoga teacher, and showed it to her.
6:25 am
she responsibly announced to everybody, okay, this is the message we're getting. i'm staying and continuing the class. anybody that wants to can go to the safe room. and we finished our yoga. >> i know when you added -- somebody preinterviewed you and told me you added if something fell on top of us, at least we would be in a peaceful state. it's like, you have such a good attitude about this. this must have been going on for days and days. >> well, this was before the war starte started. since the war started everything is closed. our little store is closed. the dining room -- it's a communal settlement -- its closed. that happened in regular times. this is how we live. this, for the past ten years,
6:26 am
this is how we live. constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. i never really appreciated that saying so much as when -- until i was in this situation. until we had this situation. that's what it's like here. >> we admire your courage. thank you so much for sharing your story with us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you for taking the time and telling the story, letting me tell the story. >> any time. adele, thank you. >> if anybody wants to read about it i have a facebook group we opened in the area where we describe what it's like, living in the shadow of the rockets. >> great. we will search your name on facebook and find t thank you so much, adele raemer, for talking with us this morning. obama administration expresses strong support for israel in the latest round of violence in the middle east.
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good morning to you. i'm carol costello. it's just about 30 minutes past the hour. stories we're watching right now in the newsroom. moments away from the opening bell on wall street. stocks could open with small gains despite investor concerns that europe has not finalized a debt reduction deal for greece. encouraging economic news. yes, encouraging economic news, initial jobless claims fell 31,000 from the previous week. intelligence officials, not the white house or the state department, made sweeping changes to talking points about the benghazi attack that killed four americans, including the u.s. ambassador. the dni spokesman says changing the wording about al qaeda to extremists was a decision to protect sources and not a political move. gop lawmakers have sharply
6:31 am
criticized ambassador susan rice for the talking points. 22 people were hurt in an explosion on a bus in tell aviv. hamas praised the attack but did not claim responsibility. and we have new pictures of an explosion in gaza city. there it is there. officials say at least 142 people have been killed in the eight-day conflict and more than 1,000 people have been wounded. israeli authorities say five people have been killed in israel. 70 more have been wounded. secretary of state hillary clinton condemned that bus attack in tel aviv as she scrambles to salvage any hope for a peace agreement. for the second straight day she's meeting with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. earlier, she sat down with palestinian president mahmoud abbas in the west bank. and now she is sitting down with the egyptian president, mohamed morsi, who is trying to broker a peace deal. the bus attack in tel aviv, how
6:32 am
bigative shadow does it cast on this peace process? >> reporter: i think it puts enormous pressure on the prime minister, benjamin netanyahu. if he were inclined to go ahead toward a cease fire -- there were ind kags they were moving toward that, though it's not a deal that that was completely wrapped up. the citizens are outraged. it's been pretty quiet as far as terrorist attacks inside israel are concerned over these past several years. and now this -- no one yet no an authoritative position has claimed responsibility. various groups, including hamas, have expressed, and praised the attack, if you will, even if they haven't claimed responsibility for it. it just complicates what already was a very difficult situation, carol, to begin w i don't know how it's going to play out. i do know that the secretary of state, hillary clinton, would
6:33 am
really like to wrap up this cease fire agreement. president mohamed morsi has been working very hard behind the scenes. i had an opportunity to meet with the israeli president, shimon peres earlier today. he was very strong in his praise for the egyptian leader, saying he has been very responsible and the israelis are appreciative of what the egyptians are doing in order to try to broker a peace deal. the next few hours, we'll have a better sense of what's going on. as you know, carol, the fighting continues. israeli air strikes continue to hit targets in gaza and rockets and missiles from gaza still coming into southern israel. >> yesterday hamas was -- we want a cease fire. we think a cease fire agreement has been put into place and today there's this bus attack in tel aviv and hamas, although it didn't claim responsibility as you said, they blessed the attack. so what exactly does hamas want? it's not really been helpful in
6:34 am
this process. >> well, i think they want to come out of this is a stronger political position. i think they will, if they can broker a peace deal. missiles that even reach the outskirts of tel aviv and the outskirts of jerusalem. politically, that strengthens hamas. i think at the expense of mahmoud abbas, the leader of the palestinian authority, yes, he did meet with hillary clinton today and he has a role but hamas would emerge, i think, in a stronger political stance, reputation enhanced in the arab world, muslim world and certainly among palestinians. that's something that folks are considering here very seriously. how much do they want to elevate hamas at a sensitive time like this? the u.s. still regards hamas as a terrorist organization. you won't see hillary clinton or any u.s. official meeting directly with hamas officials because they boycott hamas deliberately until hamas accepts
6:35 am
israel, accepts previous israeli/palestinian agreements and renounces the use of terror in this struggle. so it's a mess. it's a real mess right now. i don't know the outcome. if you asked me at this time yesterday, 24 hours ago, would there be a cease fire, i would have thought yes. if you ask me right now i'm saying i'm not so sure. >> wolf blitzer from jerusalem. thank you so much. back here in the united states, walmart rolls back the calendar for savings when it comes to shareholders' tax bills. we'll tell you how. and why.
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walmart push iing up its quarterly dividend payment by six days and that could save its biggest shareholder, the walton family, $180 million in federal
6:39 am
taxes. all by making that payment in 2012 instead of 2013. alison kosik is in new york. this move is in case washington doesn't reach a deal in the so-called fiscal cliff? >> exactly. let me start with explaining exactly what a dividend is. if you own shares the dividend is this chunk of cash paid back to you. typically, you get it every quarter. walmart, it was going to pay its next dividend january 2nd. because we don't know what's going to happen with the fiscal cliff, the expectation is that taxes are going to shoot out, walmart will pay out this dividend early so shareholders can record that payout this year when dividends top out at 15% compared to next year when the rate is expected to jump to 40% if there is no deal reached on the fiscal shift. they say it's in the best interest of its shareholders. true, it's also in the best
6:40 am
interest of the founders, the walton company. >> walmart isn't the only company moving uch the dap the right? >> right. more than 100 companies will be issuing these special dividends in the fourth quarter. more than triple have done this in recent years. one called hot topic, the other the buckle. they're moving up their dividend payouts to this year. leggett & platt and myers industries are also doing it, companies that are nervous about what the tax picture will look like next year. just moving up the dividend payout makes a big difference. let me go through quick numbers for you. if walmart had issued its dividend on january 27bd and tax rates went up, the company would have had to pay $276 million to the government. compare that to this year's rates. its tax bill comes out to about $95 million for those dividends. it's a huge, huge difference. >> wow, you're not -- wow, thank
6:41 am
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installed for just $99, and ask about adt pulse, advanced home management here today. adt. always there. you opened the gates of hell on yourselves, a chilling message sent from the military wing of hamas to the israelis as violence continues today. 22 people were injured on a bus when a bomb went off. a police compound and media building were part of those targets. 142 palestinians have been killed in the conflict so far. secretary of state hillary
6:44 am
clinton is working to ease tensions. she's meeting with palestinian and israeli leaders in a bid to broker some sort of truce. and clinton condemned that bus bombing, issuing a statement that reads in part, quote, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and the people of israel. the united states stands ready to provide any assistance that israel requires. and this meeting with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in march, president obama described the bond between the united states and israel as unbreakable. what exactly is the basis for that relationship? joining me now, co-editor of the cnn blog. good morning, eric. >> good morning, carol. >> the israeli campaign against hamas is called operation pillar of cloud. what significance does that have? >> carol, that name itself is a biblical reference to the story, an exodd uchxodexxodus where th
6:45 am
fleeing a pursuing egyptian a y army. instead of an offensive posture, a defensive posture biblically. you've been talking about the gechlt geopolitical ties between the u.s. and israel. there's about 2 million jews who live here in the united states and a large population of them in florida, new york, new jersey, maryland. and they play an important role in the religious life here in the united states as well as the political life. another group that plays a big part? evangelical christians, stronger supporters of israel and christians united for zion have as many as 750,000 members. that gets tricky with the theological beliefs that jesus
6:46 am
may be returning to jerusalem. >> i spoke with the mayor of jerusalem yesterday who seemed to underscore the importance of his city's religious sites. let's listen. >> they're focusing on destruction, on killing, on hurting innocent people. today they even tried to take a shot at jerusalem. god forbid! could you imagine what would have happened if they hit a holy site in the city of jerusalem, the church, the western wall, the mosque? they would, of course, blame us for that. >> and it's interesting you say that evangelical christians believe that the second coming of christ will happen in jerusalem? >> yes. there are some who believe that. there are lots of groups that downplay that as their main motivation, saying it has much more to do with the religious historical ties between jews and christians, but certainly there are some who believe that jerusalem will play a crucial role in the second coming of jesus. in the primaries here for president of the united states,
6:47 am
folks like rick perry alluding to that and talking to that and garnering the support of some of those groups. as you heard from the mayor, virtually every important religious site for jews and kras christians is in israel and the west bank. bethlehem is in the west bank, and so the threat of those being attacked causes a lot of worry. >> on a political level, how does that affect the decisions that the president or the secretary of state might make when it comes to israel? >> i think a lot of it has to do with the strategic location of israel in the middle east. and they've long been a strong ally. religiously, it's tough to say. where the jewish population is in the united states, very important swing states, like florida in particular, politicians all the time are courting the jewish vote there. that could play into it. but we don't know exactly the motivations in the heart, let's
6:48 am
say, of president obama and secretary clinton when it comes to these negotiations and these deliberations. clearly, there is a religious line there historically, that we can look back to and trace back that deep connection between israel and the united states. >> fascinating. thanks for being with us this morning. >> you got it, carol. at the top of the hour i'll talk with a reporter on the scene at the tel aviv bus explosion that injured 22 people. [ male announcer ] at scottrade, you won't just find us online, you'll also find us in person, with dedicated support teams at over 500 branches nationwide. so when you call or visit, you can ask for a name you know. because personal service starts with a real person. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. our support teams are nearby, ready to help. it's no wonder so many investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade.
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6:51 am
this year black friday is looking more like plaque thursday. thanksgiving, a major opportunity for several big chain stores to cash in on great deals early. some employees may be happy to get overtime or holiday pay, but not all of them. cnn's tornado dunham has more. >> the toy shopping conditions are perfect. for the first time ever t. doors
6:52 am
open thursday 8:00 p.m. large retail chains like toys "r" us, target, k-mart, walmart and sears are opening their doors to dealing on thanksgiving night. >> retailers are trying to anticipate and immediate the expectations of their customers. so three years ago we saw a number of retailers sort of test drive thursday opening. >> reporter: in 2009, 3% of thanksgiving weekend shoppers hit the stores on thursday. in 2010, 9%, and in 2011, 24%. >> it's great for us, but not great for the workers. >> some of them honestly do not mind working. however there are many others who do mind, many who want to spend it with their families. >> target employees sarah wiley is among the more than 300,000 people who signed a petition, asking target to, quote, take the high road.
6:53 am
wiley switched schedules so she doesn't have to work, but is pushing back against a larger trend. thanksgiving is one of the few retail days off where many employees can stay at home, where they don't have to work, and that's one of the very few remain holidays. now that's being cut into more and more. last year it started at 12:00, now it's up to 9:00. >> a spokesman for target said the 9:00 p.m. opening time was, quote, sfm targeted with the guest team and the business in mind. stores are -- in fact, j.c. penney tweeted out -- thanksgiving is for thanking, not shopping. >> it's just not worth my time to leave thanksgiving dinner or thanksgiving company and bide a purchase. >> reporter: do you ever come out on thanksgiving and shop? >> no, absolutely not. >> reporter: in fact thanksgiving is becoming one of
6:54 am
the biggest online shopping days of the year, so some retailers say invite of doing commerce on the couch, it makes sense to get them in the stores. tory dunnan, cnn. we talked with the executive director of color of, he's working with walmart employees and volunteers to organize the strike. >> we need them to be held accountable, to provide people the type of jobs where they can earn a living and be able to buy christmas gifts for their family. all of us will be gathering with our families over the holidays, many people around the country. we'll be watching the stories like "the christmas carol" with the story of scrooge and bob cratchit. in the industrial age -- we need to stand up for these employees.
6:55 am
>> i also talked to walmart's vice president of communications. here's his side of the story. >> the majority of our workers are full time, not part time. that's very unusual in the retail industry. in fact we have some of the best jobs in the retail industry. our associates appreciate that. 250,000 associates have worked for us for more than ten years, our turnover rate is lower than the industry average. three quarters of our store management team start as hourly workers. last year we promoted 165,000 people last year, and get this, 20% of the people we hired this year are re-hires meaning they worked for the company, they left and came back, because they realized they weren't getting a better deal. >> right now it doesn't look like the two sides are seeing eye to eye. we'll be right back. wooohooo....hahaahahaha!
6:56 am
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sdploof it's taken nine days for the new head coach of the lakers to make his new debut, but the first game from the bench was a huge success. they won a close game. d'antoni had to wake more than a week to join the team, because he had to have knee surgery. lakers now 5-1 since that switch. no one in college basketball history has ever scored more points in a game than jack taylor. he poured in 138 points last night in a 179-104 beating of the faith baptist bible college in iowa. wow. the division iii shooter shattered a long-standing college record. by halftime taylor had 58 points. the scores record was not enough, he also said ncaa
7:00 am
reports for field goal shots and three-pointers attempted and made. nascar's most pop will be the danica patrick and her husband of seven years are calling it quits. the 30-year-old race car driver met her physical therapist paul when he treated her for a nonracing injury. next year she'll race full time in the spring cup series and will be a single woman. that's a look at sports this morning. the next hour of cnn starts right now. good morning. thank you so much for being with me. i'm carol costello. a new flash point threatens to employ today's peace talks. a bus a bomb rips apart a bus. hamas is not claiming responsibility. in the meantime gaza cleared the streets and brace for new
7:01 am
israeli strikes. you can see that gaza city didn't have long to wait. the israeli attacks minutes ago reportly targeted a sports stadium. this morning hillary clinton is meeting with arab and israeli leaders as planned, but as of this hour, the challenge grows even more daunting. secretary clinton condemned the bus attack, as she scrambles to. for the second straight date she's meeting with the prime minister. earlier she sat down with mahmoud abbas in the west bank the right now she is in cairo meeting with egypt's president. mor morrissey is trying to broker a and when it happens we'll bring it to you live. wolf, i just wanted to ask about this bus attack in tel aviv.
7:02 am
how large of a shadow does it cast? >> it's a very big shadow, the first time in at least i'm guessing six years that tel aviv has seen a terrorist incident like this. not that far away from the real commercial hub of the city. regular bus and about 20 people were injured. apparently a terrorist threw a bomb or whatever on the bus and escaped. the israelis did arrest someone later, but it proved to be a false arrest and they let that person go. there is someone on the loose right now who committed this. there are various groups claiming responsibility, though authoritatively no one has yet claimed responsibility. hamas did claim the incident, celebrated it, but didn't claim responsibility for it. one terrorist group claimed
7:03 am
responsibility, but it's unclear from analysts if that's just a group trying to claim credibility that they had no involvement in. whatever it was, it puts added pressure on the prime minister of vault who is in a delicate situation right now, because already those rockets and missiles coming in from gaza and israel, hundreds of thousands living in fear there. what's going on in gaza is obviously horrible as well. so it's a bad situation. we'll see if hillary clinton in cairo with if you want morrissey can wrap up a deal. >> let's talk about that meeting that's taking place. el egyptian people back the palestinian side. what do you suppose hillary clinton is saying to president
7:04 am
mor hamas leaders who are based outside of gaza, and if there's a deal, egypt's stature, a muslim brother-led stature will be enhanced. presumingly it will generate some economic assistance coming into egypt. they have severe economic problems right now. so i think they want to see a deal. i know hillary clinton would like to emerge from this meeting with president morsy asp announce there's been an agreement. i don't know if this is going to happen, but we did see some unscheduled shuttle diplomacy by the assistant secretary of state, then this morning went to ramallah to meet with the palestinian president, mahmoud abbas. then she came back to jerusalem
7:05 am
to meet for a second time with netanyahu before flying to cairo for the meetings there, including leaders of the arab league. we'll see what she can achieve. i wouldn't rule out the possibility she's engaging a bit of shuttle diplomacy. she comes from cairo rik batting here to jerusalem to try to wrap this up. as she comes back here, i think that would be a hopeful sign there's still a possibility of a deal. >> and we're expecting some sort of live statement momentarily. when that happens we'll bring it to you live. wolf blitzer, thanks so much. ben hartman is a reporter for "the jerusalem post." he was near the scene earlier today. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> what was it like when that bomb went off? >> i think it brought many people back to the era of the
7:06 am
terror attacks in the second infatah. it causes a great deal of worry and whatnot with the people. the actual scene of the bombing from the images israelis are used to from terror attacks, it didn't have the same level of carnage. what i saw, the windows were blasted out, but you didn't see a charred skeleton of a bus. judging by the fact there's not expected to be any fatalities, and a relatively small number of casualties, it doesn't appear it was a large-scale explosion or anything like that israel has seen in the past. it appears to be it was possibly some sort of improvised explosive device, but potential not even from maybe a major terrorist organization, though the police and the head of the
7:07 am
public security administration say they have indications about what organization is responsible, but it appears there was damage. this was not as serious as ones in the past, but regardless, it brings back that fear and that concern among the israeli public, definitely. >> we're seeing some of the pictures you have seen on the television screen. the iron dome, the missile defense systems has been pretty effective during this conflict. is there a fear we'll see more attacks like the attacks on this bus in tel aviv, because the iron dome was working so well? >> that's one concern, one concern that a number of people have said, because the iron dome is quite successful. it's not 100% successful. quite a few things go through, as we saw last night.
7:08 am
but nonetheless the fact that it's quite successful and israelis can get to bomb shelters does plenty the worry that they're going to find other ways to get around that, to go for the southeast underbelly, to try to take out terror attacks on civilian populations in the way that they can do it. in terms of these terror attacks, they hit he heart of israeli public and really do caught a great deal of concern. i think in terms of the cease-fi cease-fire, i think a suicide -- regardless, a bombing in the center of tel aviv could potential affect public opinion in israel, in favor of a ground operation or cease-fire, because it does take those people back to the past, what was a
7:09 am
difficult time here. it was right near at the major hospital, and this is something i think will have certain psychological effects here. >> explain to us -- tel aviv is a beautiful city, you know, a lot foreign embassies are there, a lot of corporate headquarters are there. tell us a bit about the city itself? >> in general tel aviv, you know, is quite a vibrant city. it always is depicted of being what they call the tel aviv bubble, relatively untouched by the conflict, untouched, seeing itself as something of an island in the middle east, with great night life, even in the middle of the workday, the cafes are full, the beaches are full. so that's a stark contrast when acts of violence happen.
7:10 am
even with that image, which is very true, during the second independent fatah, they did take place in tel aviv. so this city was by no mean untouched, it suffered many attacks in the past, but the population is very resilient, and the people are living their daily lives going to the clubs and the cafes. almost as a point and because that's -- i wouldn't expect to see day-to-day life in tel aviv come to a halt just like i wouldn't expect to see it in general in israel. well, i admire the courage of everyone there. ben hartman from "the jerusalem post" thanks for being with us
7:11 am
this morning. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. where he heard some explosions in gaza after that explosion in tel aviv. you can see several of the explosions there in the distance. ben wedeman is on the ground there. he's on the phone right now. ben, tell us more. >> reporter: yes, it's been a fairly loud afternoon in gaza city, particularly picked up after news spread of the bus attack in tel aviv. in fact about 35 to 40 minutes after that attack happened, a very loud explosion went off right in front of our office. here it is. >> reporter: this evening we've always been hearing a fair amount of artillery in this area as well, sort of coming from the south going to the north towards the northern suburbs of gaza city. if you recall, last night
7:12 am
yesterday evening gaza time at this time we were talking about the very good possibility of a cease-fire. even though u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton is in cairo now trying to push forward a cease-fire, we're not cease anything here in gaza that could be described as a cease-fire. >> christiane amanpour had a intervause with khalid michel. she says the bottom line is they're not claiming responsibility, but they're praising it must be saying it must be revenge for the dalo family. why might this leader might be connecting the two? >> i think what we have seen in the past is it was not done by
7:13 am
any of their members, but it's a natural reaction, the phrase used by one hamas officials to the situation in gaza, specifically referring to the fact of delu fact, and the largest fatalities since the beginning of this eight-day conflict. ben wedeman, thank you so much. still ahead, we're waiting for secretary of state hillary clinton speak. we'll bring you her comments live. i have a cold, and i took nyquil,
7:14 am
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7:17 am
sports stadium being targeted in gaza. we heard some giants explosions in gaza city. in the midst of this, peace talks are ongoing between secretary of state hillary clinton and the egyptian president mohammed morsy. martin indig joins us. >> thanks for having me. >> you are well versed in detente, and so hillary clinton is sitting down talking with the egyptian president. what does he say? >> i think it just underscores the urgency of her mission and forging a partnership with the egyptian president to try to bring the violence to a halt. the great danger, of course, is
7:18 am
prove indications like that terrorist bombing in tel aviv will have the army moving into gaza, and then we're dealing with a situation that's much harder to bring under control and has some very negative consequences overall within the region. potential threatening the peace treating, the israel/jordan peace treaty and american's position in the region. she has an urgent task of trying to get on the same page as presidents morsy. so she can deliver israel. one that will hopefully actually lay the this time yesterday --
7:19 am
israel did not, however. what did you make of all of that? >> well, it's hard to know, but from my experience with these things, number one, middle east always takes longer than you think number two, when people put out words of cease fire, they're usually trying to pressure somebody. what hamas and the egyptian government agreed on a cease-fire arrange, but they didn't have the -- so they announced agreement with a vital part of it missing. i can't tell for sure whether the israelis were ready to do it and backed off, whether they
7:20 am
decided to wait for hillary clinton to come in to see whether they could get a more longlasting arrangement out of it, this is all unknown i think it's wise, especially for people in the media not to built up these kinds of announcements into sure things until we actually see the agreement reached by both sides, and time for implementation, and then of course the actual implementation. >> advice taken, martin indyk, former ambassador, thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you. here in the united states, many in the tea party movement lost their seats, so is the tea party over? if it isn't, where does it go from here? but don't just listen to me. listen to these happy progressive customers. i plugged in snapshot, and 30 days later, i was saving big on car insurance. with snapshot, i knew what i could save
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7:23 am
from one of the biggest shopping days of the year, that would be black friday. time to hit the mall, but if you plan on sending your teenager to
7:24 am
the mall of america alone, you might rethin that. the mall is banning teenagers without adults. alison, why? >> reporter: this isn't about the -- what the mall says is it's about a safety issue, tightening a policy that already has been in place since 1986. it requires kids who are under 16 to be aexuded be someone 21 and orlandoer on fridays and saturdays after 4:00. those hours will be in effect on thursday night, and dahl day black friday, as well as the entire week between christmas and new year's. this is a big place. almost 220,000 shoppers came to the mall on black friday last year and crowds that size can be overwhelming, so the mall wants to make sure that everyone has a safe experience. some parents are saying, wait a minute, good responsible kids shouldn't be penalized like
7:25 am
this, but retailers i'm thinking probably don't mind this role, though. people typically spend more when they shop as a family. guess who the kids will be with? adults with the big fat wall either willing to spend. >> you're right about that. of course, you know, there was a big chair-throwing incident at the mall last year. doesn't that have something to do with this? >> reporter: it could be playing a role. there was some videos that went viral. you know, when it comes to this policy, a big part of the concern is that some parents say that the mall says that they use it as a baby-sitter. he leave them a lone, some of whom are very young, but isn't the holidays about shopping together and not using the mall as your baby-sitter? >> it's a beautiful thing. alison, i got to run the as
7:26 am
promised, hillary clinton and the egyptian is it president morsi are giving a statement in egypt. let's listen. has the insurgent of the united nations, ban ki-moon. they're snapping pictures. that usually takes a couple minutes. we'll get to a break and hopefully when we come back they'll be speaking. [ male announcer ] this is sheldon, whose long dy setting up the news
7:27 am
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log on now to and you could pay as little as ten dollars a month for androgel 1.62%. what are you waiting for? this is big news. i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office. all right. we are expecting secretary of state hillary clinton and el egyptian president to speak momentarily. this is a photo op before the big speech. you see mohammed morsi and hillary clinton, also the secretary-general of the united nations ban ki-moon is in the room. when this press conference gets
7:30 am
going, we'll bring it to you live. let's talk some american politics here in the good old united states. now florida republican alan west, the list of at that time party candidates who suffered defeat in the last election just keeps growing, founders air that i cause is still very much alive. but with more key members losing their seats in congress, are we see an end to the tea party movement? joining muss is robert zimmerman and cnn contributor and republican strat jill anna navarro. welcome to you both. >> good to be with you. >> anna, a simple question. is the tea party dead? >> no, i don't think it's dead. i think it had a very good year in 2010. this year was not a good for the team party, but if politics, everything swings like a pendulum, and i think it's swinging back to the center, or
7:31 am
i hope. i do think the tea party plays an important role in the republican party. we should embrace them. they did a terrific job bringing people out to vote twoiers, but as rpgs it's time we start looking at the primaries. we both some important races, because we didn't pick the right person out of the primary. >> wasn't it because of a tea party? >> i'm not going to blame the tea party for some of the things that todd akin or richard mourdock said. >> but they were -- remember christine o'donnell, who claimed read a commercial announcing she wasn't a witch, because the world was wondering, sharron angle in nevada. they cost the republican party the majority in the u.s. senate.
7:32 am
i would agree, ana, the tea party has an important role to play. i differ with my party when my party tried to announce them as an astroturf -- but they've been co-opted by the fringe group, and i think until your party is prepared to recognize than move the debate to the importance of government and hose it functions efficiently, i they. bill o'reilly on his show said some people -- actually is blaming the media for the tea party's demise, i guess. here is what he said. >> we're now living in a dishonest culture. media is totally corrupt. it does things that could never have gotten away with even ten years ago. obviously a bad situation that is getting worse.
7:33 am
>> you mean like fox? but i digress. is there a media conspiracy against the tea party? >> i don't think so. i think they are kind of an unorgan iced, unstructured party, a faction of the republican party. that's part of their beauty, that they are a gross-roots operation, they are not a structured organization. i think they do have a role to play. if they stick to the themes of fiscal responsibility and smaller government, which is why they were born, i think they will continue to be successful, but again we have to be smart in the primaries and pick candidates that can win general elections. if not, we really are cutting off our nose to spite our face and it will not get us back control of the senate or what we want. >> i do think you're right. when the tea party was born, all it talked about was fiscal responsibility and it shunned social issues, saying it
7:34 am
shouldn't be part of the discussion right now, because those aren't the most important issue toss deal with in this country. at what point did the social issues start to invade the tea party and sort of diminish its strength? >> i think what transpired is we had a real debate about the relevant of government. i think the public voted, in fact i think by significant numbers, they recognized the success of the automotive bailout under the obama administration, and the importance of the government during the superstorm sandy, and in the the relevance it has for so many americans' lives. so as a consequence i think people recognize that government does have an important role. the tea party played a very important position in terms of fostering the debate. what happens is when you cower in front of the fringe politics to the politics of homophobia
7:35 am
action the politics of discrimination against women, the politics of basically of assault upon people's personal freedoms. then you'll see the tea party be co-opted by the fringe groups. >> so that leads nicely into the rush limbaugh quote. many people might rush limbaugh said, quote -- democrats moved heaven and earth to defeat mia love, allen west and replace them with white men. so the hi pockry sis is not is rich, they're not about diversity, they're all about liberalism. they were going after them because they were republican,
7:36 am
the point of this game is to have as many people 6 your party to get elected so you can have majority and control the agenda and get things done. >> i give ana a lot of credit -- >> i don't agree with ana at all. >> i'm giving you credit, because you're standing up to rush limbaugh when the leadership of your own party refuse toss do so. let's be clear, he's the larry flint of radio, because there's always a market for filth and exploitation, which is what he excels in. the difference is he's an individual that the republican party leadership curries favors with, they seek to appear on his programs. as long as you cater to that kind of extremism and exploitation, the republican party will always be an isolated and fringe party. in the new congress coming up, you've neff had more diversity and let divert. for example 61 african-american
7:37 am
democrats in the house, and i think it's one african-american in the republican congress or for ma matter 60 women democratic caucus versus 20 women serving in the republican caucus. and if you look at the youth and energy in the democratic caucus, i think the are -- meals on wheels. it's a good thing that you're eating thanksgiving dinner separately. >> we're grateful for each other and you. >> happy thanksgiving to everybody. let's give thanks the election is over and we're not in a recount mode. >> amen, sister. we're wrapping up the political conversation today, but if you think talking about the latest election tomorrow, if you're thinking about you can thatting about it tomorrow during the feast, you might want to think again. why one psychologist says that could be a recipe for disaster. we'll be right back.
7:38 am
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
the holidays start out with such high hopes, families coming together eating lots of delicious food, but for some all that family time can lead to fights, big ones. and the tensions around your holiday table may be even stronger. joining me is jeff gardier. >> some americans are still very upset about the outcome of the election, but you have some advice, so let's go through it. first, you say set ground rules at the dinner table. what do you mean by that? >> letting your guests know before they even get to your home, of course you welcome political discussion, that's really what family dinners, thanksgiving dinners seem to be about because of the the reply
7:42 am
quag upheaval, but by setting the ground rules, you're letting people know right away what is expected of them and what it is they can and cannot do. >> so i see some of them beside you. no foul language. >> now, you know, carol, people will say this is a ridiculous bleep situation, that's okay, but you can't use cusswords aimed at one another or calling someone stupid or idiotic. that just does not work. secondly i think it's important that people units that it's okay to raise their voices, but not to scream at one another, and of course you have to lynn to what other people have to say. it shouldn't be a winning points -- >> c'mon, jack, i love winning
7:43 am
points. my whole family is like that. that's the problem. we want the win. >> well, you know what winning really is? winning is about sharing knowledge, and learning something at the table. you can be very strong, but it's also important you listen to other folks and come out with more of an iq and eq, emotional intelligence. >> so you also suggest like democrat/republican, missing them up at the table. that could be dangerous. >> well, i would rather you do that, strategically placing people instead of putting three democrats, three republicans, and three tea partiers. you want to maybe put them at another table, don't get me started, but you don't want people grouped you so they can feel like they can gang up. i want people to reach across the aisle -- oops, i mean mean
7:44 am
the table. the more you do that, the more people are bound to listen to each other. >> i hear you, but my mother and i have one simple rule -- we do not talk politics, period. that seems to -- dr. jeff, thanks so much. we appreciate the advice. >> my pleasure, thank you. we'll be right back. are you looking for a plan that really meets your needs and your budget? as you probably know, medicare only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, they cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs.
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7:47 am
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secretary of state hillary clinton and egypt's president morsi now meeting in cairo working on a truce to stop the bloody conflict that started eight days ago. we saw the photo op, it's apparently going on forever, but what's going on right now with
7:52 am
these talks, reza. >> reporter: our if washington can ban together with cairo and pull off some sort of cease fire. all eyes right now are on the u.s. and egypt. she just wrapped up a people with mohammed morsi. the president's office told us they met for a good one hour and a half. that's a pretty lengthy meeting when it comes to diplomatic meetings. it tells you thirp discussing a very important matter. usually in these flint when the palestinians and israelis start fighting, washington wants to be viewed as playing a key role, but in this particular clash egypt haus come to the forefront. they obviously have strong ties with hamas. they have come out and
7:53 am
specifically said they want to maintain their peace treaty. even with the optimism in yesterday, we haven't seen a cease-fire, but the diplomatic efforts continue with cairo and washington apparently banning toes. >> reza sayah, thank you and if they begin speaking, we'll bring you the comments live. controversilia -- one big problem with that, there may be not enough doctors. i love the holidays. and with my bankamericard cash rewards credit card, i love 'em even me. i earn 1% cash back everywhere, every tim 2% on groceries. 3% on gas. automatica hoops to jump hrough. that's 1% back o.. [ toy robot sounds ] 2% on pumpkin pie. and apple. 3% ba on 4 trips to e airport. it's as easy ... [ woman ] 3. male annocer ] the bankamericard cash rewardca. apply online or at a bank america nr you.
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and you are. i've been a superintendent for 30 some years at many different park service units across the united states. the only time i've ever had a break is when i was on maternity leave. i have retired from doing this one thing that i loved. now, i'm going to be able to have the time to explore something different. it's like another chapter.
7:57 am
the drug culture has -- the lack of access to mental health care. cnn's casey wian reports as part of our series "age against the machine." >> reporter: george hobbes ease article arthritis was manageable. >> all of a sudden when i woke up, i thought i had a stroke or something. my feet, my knees, my hands, i couldn't get out of the bed. i wasn't able to even dress myself. >> reporter: he called his arthritis doctor, but the office was closed. haupt didn't know his doctor was semiretired, only seeing patients three days a week. >> i was told there's only five places to go in vegas. i tried three other ones, and the waiting period was three to four months.
7:58 am
>> a trip to the e.r. provided little relief. >> three times in the last year where i couldn't get out of the bed for two days, three days. i actually prayed that i wouldn't live. that for me was the low point. >> reporter: it's a growing problem for baby boomers. >> we are booking into mid january. >> reporter: they need care more obvious, but doctors themselves and aging and retires, and medical schools are not reaccording to the association of medical colleges, that's seven times worse than the shortage that existed just two years ago. >> the access to health care is clearly affected. people wait longer to see their physicians for everyday kinds of illnesses form those illness homeland security get worse, by the time you need to see a physician -- >> reporter: margo johnson had
7:59 am
are stroke last year linked to a rare autoimmune disease, she was referred to dr. foreman, a specialist. >> it was four, five months down the road, even with my neurologist intervention, he was only able to move it up a week. >> reporter: that had to be scary. >> yeah, i could have died. >> reporter: she's improving with proper treatment, but the doctors say shortage is likely to worsen partly because of the 2010 health care reform lace which expands coverage to tens of millions. >> you have a large number of individuals who have health care insurance. who will take care of this them. >> reporter: it also provides funding for resident programs to help ease the coming shortage. for some baby boomers that prescription may come too late. casey wian, cnn, henderson, nevada. thank you so much for joining mess today, "cnn newsro

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